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Care Instructions

Veg Tan Leather Care

This type of leather really likes to be massaged with a leather conditioner, we prefer the Aussie brand but any one will do.  This will ensure your leather stays supple, buttery and waterproof!  A polishing cloth isn't necessary but really brings out the sheen!

Oily/Waxed Leather Care

We LOVE this type of leather, it requires little to no maintenance.  Use a soft bristled brush to flake off dirt and spot clean only. 

Waxed Canvas Care

Our canvas is handwaxed with local beeswax.  Use a soft bristled brush to flake off surface dirt.  Spot clean with cold water and mild soap only.  Air dry, do NOT put in the wont end well.

**It's always a good idea to test any product in a small inconspicuous area beforehand**